Mary Roff's home
Iroquois County, IL Hauntings and Urban Legends
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Old Texas

"Alfonzo's" Grave
Woodland's glowing grave.

Beaver Cemetery
North of Iroquois. Very evil looking.

Blue Ridge Cemetery
South of Sheldon. Secluded location, nice pictures.

Crescent City Bridge
Eerie encounters, a few pictures.

Haunted Gates
North of Crescent City. "Opening and closing" gates.

Iroquois Trestle
Site of supposed derailment. Good stories, a few pictures.

Lantern's Lane
South of Woodland. Mostly just local legend, I think.

Mary Roff
The home and gravesite of the possessed girl featured in the book Watseka.

Old Texas Cemetery
Interesting epitaphs, a few pictures.

Mary Roff

The Story:  Mary Roff was a Watseka girl who lived in the mid 1800's. She was supposedly possessed by a myriad of different spirits, and eventually died when she was 18. The complete story of her possession, as well as the possession of Watseka native Lurrancy Vennum, can be read in the book Watseka.

Her grave, as well as the graves of some of the Vennum family (Lurrancy is buried in Kansas), can be viewed in the Watseka GAR cemetery.

The Legend:  One legend says that Mary's grave is always warm to the touch, no matter the outside temperature. This is untrue.

Click here for a map to Mary's grave.

Former Roff home

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